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Peintures miniatures
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Miniatures on display:

These miniature paintings are on display at "Galerie 12",  my workshop- gallery in Castillon ,
a small artists' village located on the French Riviera.  ( Open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. )
Last update: may 4, 2016
miniature portrait of an apothecary holding a giant poppy flower
9 x 7.3 cm-  3.54" x 2.87"

Harlequin and vintage toys
Harlequin and yellow dog.
5.5 x 8 cm-  3.14" x 3.93"
Miniature painting: still life with a bouquet of iris flowers and seashells
Iris and seashells.
5.5 x 8 cm-  3.14" x 3.93"
Miniature painting: full length portrait of a girl in spanish farthingale with ermines
Portrait of a young lady with ermines.
5.5 x 8 cm-  2.16" x 3.14"
Still life with bouquet of flowers and bird
A large cyclamen flower and a small bird
 8 x 10.5 cm-3.14" x  4.13" 
detail framed
Nature morte-vanité avec statuette de femme, luth, sablier, montre, bijoux et tulipe dans un vase précieux.
Carpe Diem ( vanitas )
 8 x 10.5 cm-3.14" x  4.13" 
Still life tulips, seashell and beetles
Five tulips.
10 x 8.5 cm- 3.93" x 3.34"
detail  view with frame
Bouquet with a rose and tulips, seashells, cherries and a dormouse
Bouquet with a rose.
10.5 x 10.5 cm- 4.13" x 4.13"
Still life with iris flower and lemons
Iris and lemons.
 10 x 9.5 cm- 3.93" x 3.74"
detail  view with frame
Still life with nautilus shell and tulips
Tulips and nautilus shell.
  8.5 x 10.5 cm- 3.34" x 4.13"

figurines jouets animaux marins
"Sea animals"
 11.5 x 12 cm- 4.52" x 4.72"
détail  view with frame
Painted eggs in wooden antique egg cups
Painted eggs.
 8.5 x 10.5 cm-  3.34" x 4.13"
Still life with tobacco flowers in a vase, sea shells and a mouse
Tobacco flower.
 8 x 10 cm-  3.14" x 3.93"
Miniature painting: still life with fennels and lemon fruit in a drawer
Still life with fennels and lemon fruit.
8.5 x 10.5 cm-  3.34" x 4.13"
chinese kid and his toys
The Great Red Book
 10.5 x 8.5 cm- 4.13" x 3.34"
 detail   view with frame
vintage robot toys on a lunar landscape
7 x 4 cm- 2.75" x 1.57"
detail   framed
Still life with corn cob, wheat and walnuts
Sill life with corn cob.
 13 x 10 cm- 5.11" x 3.14"
view with frame

Permanent exhibition :
" Galerie 12 " in Castillon

Opening hours :daily from 10 am  to 7 pm

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Tel: +33 4 93 04 29 77
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"Mini cats": White miniature cats

A collection of monochrome cats ( grisaille technique ) on sale at
 Galerie 12 in Castillon and online on my Etsy shop. ( click here to visit)