Brandin Miniature painter

Self portrait

Workshop- gallery :
" Galerie 12 " in Castillon ,
French Riviera
Contact,info, quotes:
Tel: +33 4 93 04 29 77
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Biography, technique, exhibitions:

Born in Reims, France, in 1967.

Preparatory class for advanced studies in Arts and Literature
3 years university degree in History- University of Reims

Training courses  in Fine Arts:

1984- 86: classes with J-B Tellier, figurative painter (Reims),
1989- 95: engraving classes at the School of Fine Arts of Reims, in the studio of Daniel Pilant,
1991- 95: contemporary art classes  (drawing, painting, sculpture, installations) at Reims University
 under the direction of C. Lapie,
1994- 95: sketching classes at the School of Fine Arts of Reims,
2001- 2003: working sessions with G. Dareau, portraitist.

1997 moves in Castillon,  makes a living as a miniaturist .

Themes and technique:

Since 1991 he produces small sized still lifes of classical style in the spirit of Flemish and Spanish painters of the 17th century: bouquets, vanities, still lifes of fruits, flowers, objects of everyday life, sometimes on landscape background.
He also developed a more personal universe with staged small na´ve characters inspired by the world of toys.
The miniatures are painted with egg tempera and oil glazings on wood support.


2015: 8th International miniature art exhibit, Levis, Quebec
            Baroquiales street market, Sospel (06)
2013- 2014:  Gallery "Lysand Creations", Eze Village (06)
2013: Monks Refectory, Brantome Abbey (24)
2012: Monks Refectory, Brantome Abbey (24)
2010: ACF Association (Artisans Designers Manufacturers), Palace of Europe, Menton (06)
2007: "Miniature in all its states" Syndicat d'Initiative Castillon (06)
1998- 2001: "The Arts in the Street" in Mougins (06)
1995- 1996: Tourist Office of Reims (51)
1993-1995: "The Arts in the Street", Mougins (06).
1992 Supplay Agency, Epernay (51)
1991- 2012: yearly exhibition, Lemon Festival, Palais de l'Europe, Menton (06)
1991- 2008: permanent exhibition in the  Gallery "Les Arcades du Serre" in Castillon (06).
1991 Gallery "Posters Dreams", Reims (51)
1991- 2010: yearly exhibition Chapelle Saint Francis Xavier, Cormontreuil (51)
1985 Besserat de Bellefon cellar's,  Reims (51)
Since 2008, permanent exhibition at his workshop-gallery "Gallery 12" in Castillon (06).